Why is it so hard for me to gain weight?!

Question: Why is it so hard for me to gain weight?
I'm 17 and I weigh132 pounds and I have been trying to gain weight, but I only gain 2-3 pounds, and I just lose it the next week.


You could possibly have a fast metabolism. Or you're very activee. Or it's because you're a vegetarian.
How much do you eat a day? Ask your doctor how much calories you should be eating a day. And try and add meat err poultry(?) to your diet.

I hope this helpss(:
Good luckk.


My sister is the same way but she is only 100lbs and shes 24. She is also a vegetarian. I think vegetarians just have faster metabolisms because there digestion isn't being slowed down by all the meat. My sister eats like 5 meals a day and she can never even gain a lb. She eats fattening stuff and she also eats lots of carbs and still she can't gain weight. She has pretty much tried everything. Maybe you can try protein shakes or shakes that make you gain weight. The only other thing that can make you gain weight is eating out all the time especially fast food but it's kind of hard to do when you're a vegetarian. Try eating out lots of pizza and pasta and maybe the veggies burrito at chipotle. Those are all fattening. Try to find fattening stuff that is vegetarian.

Quick metabolism perhaps.

eh, not eating peanut btter fried banana sandwiches enough? Eat ice cream and pizza and bagels iwth hummous and cream cheese. And cake

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