is avocado a fruit or vegetable? what about pumpkin?!

Question: Is avocado a fruit or vegetable? what about pumpkin?

A "vegetable" can be a multitude of things that are included in a broad category just because they come from vegetation. It's sort of a lazy way of referring to such "things", resulting from ones lack of a better word.

Avocados are the "fruiting body" of an avocado tree; thus, they are a fruit.
Pumpkins are, likewise, fruits.
Carrots are roots, as are radishes, turnips, and rutabagas.
Potatoes are tubers (sort of like "a fruit on the root system").
Raspberries are also fruits.

One of the most common forms of something that is simply referred to as a vegetable are those things that are (technically speaking) "leaves", such as lettuce, cabbage, and spinach.

Hmm.. I'm getting hungry now...


Rachelle's right. They are fruits because they have seeds. If something has seeds it is a fruit, if not it isn't. A banana is actually both a fruit (because of the seeds) and a herb (because a banana tree isn't actually a tree because it does not have woody tissue in the stem) and a strawberry is an aggregate because its seeds are on the outside. :)

Avocado is vegetable and Pumpking is a frit, I know this because I asked the same ? to my teacher and he did't knew at that moment but the next day he gave me the answer so, I'm sure he was looking for the answer the whole night...I hope this had help you.

Botanically, avocado and pumkin and fruit because they have seeds. Culinary wise, fruit and vegetable differ from the taste of sweet and "bland" (so called). But scientifically, avocado and pumkin are fruit :) Love 'em both :) ???

Avocado is a fruit, though it is usually used in dishes with vegetables. Not sure about pumpkin it most likely is a fruit but according to where I work and the categorizing its a vegetable haha :)

Avocado is the fruit from the plant.
Just like "prickly pear" is the fruit from Opuntia.
You gotta look at the source.

Avocado is a fruit and its awesome, i like it! i am not sure about pumpkin, dont really like them in my food though

They're both classed as fruit and are both delicious, yum !!

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