How can I get my parents to consider letting me become a vegetarian?!

Question: How can I get my parents to consider letting me become a vegetarian?
I come from a very Polish family where our daily lives revolve around meat (well, not literally). My parents won't allow me to become one because it will affect my growth and even though I'm glad they care, I really can't eat meat.


It will not affect your growth.
That is a backward, dated theory which is not true.

They cannot force you to eat meat.
They have to procive you with vegetables, bread, noodles and such. I know Polish cooking
has noodles, potatos, breads and pancakes, and a lot fo vegetables too.
They literally cannot stop you from eating the cheese, noodles, milk, bread,
pancakes, potatos, dumplings, and nuts you need to eat to grwo really tall.

Please inform them- the tallest animals in the world are vegetarian.
The biggest, mightiest dinsaurs were vegetarian.

JOhn Salley ( ex basketball player) is not only a vegetarian, but vegan…

and all these sports players.…

You tell them clearly- they've raised you to be clever, compassionate and progressive, and that a vegetarain diet is the fastest way to promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as maing little impact on the planet, costing less to the household, and a bigger guarantee of future good health. ALso, the facoty industyr of animal farming is disgusting to you, don't they care about that? You DO care, and choose to live your lfe consciously.

Try reading/watching some of these articles and explaining everything to them:…… (there are 10 parts to go through)…

My moms side is Russian. In fact, after they learned about all of the benefits, they became vegans as well.

Make sure you get a lot of beens and other high protein foods. Show them that you have done your research. Offer to cook your own food everyday, don't make them cook food just for you.

If worse comes to worse become one in college or when you move have your whole life to become one.

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