Having so much trouble with gas after becoming a vegetarian..help i need to stop it.?!

Question: Having so much trouble with gas after becoming a vegetarian..help i need to stop it.?
what can I do to reduce it...I work as a hair dresser and its becoming a nuisance's..''to me'' i can't keep blaming the customers for it or keep dashing out side to let rip..lol


Adding too much fiber to your diet at once can lead to gas, bloating, even constipation (go figure)! That's why it's always recommended that you increase fiber gradually, to avoid these sorts of digestive upsets.

Eating food too quickly is almost guaranteed to cause gas. Eating slowly allows your stomach acids to build up, which makes it easier to start digesting food. Drinking a cup of hot ginger tea before you eat will help prep your stomach for a meal.

Always eat your fruits first, on an empty stomach. I know that it tastes better to eat fruit last, like a dessert, but what happens is that fruit sits atop all of that food you just ate and begins to ferment. Fruit needs a lot of acid to begin the process of breaking down in the stomach.

Make sure that any beans you eat are thoroughly soaked. If they're not, the indigestible complex sugars in them will cause gas.

Try eating more fresh vegetables instead of relying on grains and processed food (pasta, oats, bean-based foods like hummus, Boca burgers and soy/tofu).

Oh no! Gas is a constant problem with a vegetarian/vegan diet. I definitely have my fair share of it--and i've been vegetarian for over a year. It usually tapers off after being a vegetarian for a while though.

Best ways to reduce gas:
1. take Beano (not vegetarian) or Bean-Zyme (vegetarian) when you eat veggies, soy and beans that cause gas
2. reduce amounts of soy products--or dairy products--both cause a fair amount of gas.
3. Eat kale--really good for digestion
4. chew food adequately.
5. get tested to see if your gluten/lactose intolerant
6. eat tempeh instead of tofu...since it's already fermented soy
7. buy beans dired in bulk and soak them overnight before cooking
8. soak dried fruit/nuts before eating, buy nuts roasted and not raw.
9. eat smaller more frequent meals
10.drink lots of water.

if you list what you typically eat it might be a tad easier to diagnose whats causing you digestion trouble.

good luck!

This is pretty natural if you're really eating a lot of vegetables. Most vegetables contain a lot of cellulose. Humans can't digest cellulose, so it passes on through your body as fibre. Fibre can cause gas and quicken your bowel movements. Maybe your stomach will adjust after a couple of months or so. Maybe not. Have you tried more pills?

it wont last long your body is getting used to not eating meat. but try to eat food thats low in fiber, stay away from fast foods. my mom is a hairdresser and if you work normal hours you only eat lunch during work right? so eat a salad without croutons and without cheese. it will stop soon enough. best of luck!

kinda a health freak lol

Search on the Internet for foods that may cause gas. I think they are different for everyone.. So you will have to see if you eat any of the foods mentioned, cut them out, and wait to see if there is an improvement. That or go buy some beano or another similar product which relieves gas.

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When I became a vegetarian, I started using my gas to power my gears and motors. It's not a bad thing; you can always donate the gas to me or charity. Gas is rare nowdays.

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My mechanic, Doug

Lol don't worry your not alone! I'm in the same boat here. From what I've heard it goes away after a few weeks. When you have a major diet change its natural to have gas especially when going vegetarian! All the beans, nuts, and other new foods contribute. Just stick it out!

Stop your gas? I have been cooking vegan and eating vegetarian for quite some time (4+years) and I use a 'safe word' then own it like a boss. 'Tangerine!' and let it loose.

neighbors reaction

It goes away after your body gets used to it.

I heard cumin seeds help reduce gas..:D., so try it in the cooking

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