Is there another food other than soy beans to substitute for meat?!

Question: Is there another food other than soy beans to substitute for meat?
I've decided to stop eating meat a month ago and I am a body builder. I heard that soy beans contain a good substitute for meat protein, but now I found out about how it increases female hormones, which for me turned it from the perfect substitute for meat into a devastating nightmare. If I can't find another good substitute, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to go back to eating meat. I don't wanna sacrifice the body I've been building for 3 years for this.


dont worry, its fine. my family (bro and dad) are complete vegan and immensly strong :) its way healthier than meat, so go for it. it wont damage body building, but if your worried buy a protien shake mix :)

Nothing substitutes meat. If vegans don't believe meat is necessary why do they want to substitute it, just don't eat it.

Tofu, nuts (cashews, almonds), peanuts, beans (lentil, black, lima, kidney, etc.)

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