My yogurt was in my bag 4 a whole day?!

Question: My yogurt was in my bag 4 a whole day?
Should I throw it away or can I still eat it?


thanks to pasturization stuff like that can last a long time as long as its unopened. firs smell it then take a little taste. if it smell or tastes weird then dont eat it. but if it doesnt then it should be fine.

Was it in a insulated bag?Or a purse type bag?
My daughter did not eat her yogurt today at school and brought it home in her insulated lunch box w/o an icepack and ate it.It was fine.If it looks curdled do not eat it.Though I do believe it is ok if it was just for the day.It probably wasn't even a full 24 hours anyway:)

No one is going to be able to tell you that, your the one who has it and can look at it. Use your common sense. If it looks funny or has a weird smell throw it out. If it looks fine it probably is fine.

eat it, but chill first, it's fine btw

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