How do you make veggie chicken nuggets at home?!

Question: How do you make veggie chicken nuggets at home?
I've been vegetarian for going on 15 years now and have spent more money than I'd like to think about on veggie "chicken" products. I know Whole Foods has a vegan chicken salad that I'm hooked on, and a diner down the road has some veggie hot wings that even my meat-eating boyfriend LOVES. I'm also sick of spending between $4-$5 on Morningstar Meal Starters.

I know that it's textured vegetable protein for the most part, but how do you make it? Can you buy it to make your own concoctions??

I've either never seen it in stores or never noticed it. Any ideas? The veggie hot wings run about $8 for 5 wings, so I'd really love to learn how to make those at home.



your best bet:
get some extra-firm tofu, take it out of the package, wrap it in paper towel and put it under a little weight for a few hours to remove much of the moisture

then cut it into nugget sizes, toss them in flour, then an egg wash, then some breadcrumbs
then pan fry them until nice and brown on both sides

this should be fairly cheap compared to what you are used to, since near me i can get nearly a pound of tofu for less than $3, the premade stuff is at least twice that for the same volume

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