I'm weary of peeling a squash. Is there an easy way?!

Question: I'm weary of peeling a squash. Is there an easy way?

It depends on the type of squash. If it is a butternut, they are definitely a pain to peel but I usually cut it in half and then use a vegetable peeler. Also, there are some stores (Trader Joes, Costco) that sell already peeled and cubed butternut squash if you are short on time.

For small squashes like acorn, I'll cut into chunks, boil until tender, and the skin just peels right off.

If you're baking them, cut in half, scoop out seeds, brush insides with a bit of olive oil, and bake cut-side down for about an hour. The "meat" of the squash just scoops right out.

I keep reading your question over and the only thing I keep reading is "I'm wearing a peeled squash, is there an easy way?"

Sorry I wasn't any help lol

Cut in half. Scoop out seeds. Bake face down til done. Scoop out with spoon. Eat.

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