Have you forgotten how meat tastes like?!

Question: Have you forgotten how meat tastes like?
I haevnt eaten red meat for about a year now. I only eat fish and chicken on some occasions.
But lately ive been craving some beef or something. Its tempting but i havent had any.
Have you vegeterians lost the tastebuds for any kind of meat?

And how about Soda drinks? For me, i havent had any Carbonated, but a few sips by mistake.
have you peeps forgoten how it tastes? (if you dont drink soda)


As a vegan, I've forgotten what meat tastes like. That's why it takes me a few bites and five hours of hurling to figure out it's in my food. O_O I never have any cravings for it. I only have cravings for cheese at times.

Yes, and it's only been three months!

As for the soda, it's been a lot longer. I tried some a little while ago, and it was so disgusting. I was amazed I had been able to choke that stuff down for so many years

I never crave meat any more

no i've been a vegetarian for a year and i still remember what it tastes like. i rarely have cravings.

You do eat meat.

I gave up Granny Smith's apples, but I couldn't ask what apples taste like.

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