Vegans/Vegetarians/Omnivores: Do you play any video games?!

Question: Vegans/Vegetarians/Omnivores: Do you play any video games?
If so, what are your favorites and why?
I'm a big fan of Harvest moon, call of duty, the sims 1 + 2 and my personal favorite: Fallout 3. The soundtrack for that game is absolutely amazing.

What about you guys, have any favorite video games?


I'm vegan. I play Harvest moon on my game cube and the sims 2 :))

I love playing video games! (I'm even currently writing a ten page paper on them for school)
I do play harvest moon and the Sims, but my favorites are probably the final fantasy ones (I'm a freak for these! I really enjoyed X, IV, Crystal Chronicles Echos of Time, and The 4 Heroes of Light) and Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I always have fun playing Zelda games, favorites being Twightlight Princess, Spirit Tracks, and Phantom Hour Glass. Fable I and II, Oblivion, and Dragon Age are a few others. I like a good story with my game!

Are we suppose to say what we are? Just in case; I'm a vegetarian lol

I'm Vegan and play LittleBigPlanet and Rock Band when the Interwebs aren't sucking up my time/life. Sometimes I'll play Assassin's Creed but that kinda fizzled out for me. OH, and Katamari Damacy--Sooo addicting after you've had a couple.

I'm vegetarian and I play World of Warcraft, and thats just about the only game I play regularly.

Thankfully, I am out of the age brackets that play video games. But I do get very caught up on internet sites like this one.

Not very often. I did play Read Dead Redemption on PlayStation 3.

I'm a vegetarian...and a Sims 3 addict. ;)

Sadly, the Internet sucks up most of my free-time. StumbleUpon is so addicting...

I like playing Rift. And DDR.


(II is better)
I love killin me some zombies!!

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