A question for vegans....?!

Question: A question for vegans....?
I know this is a controversial subject, but I have a serious question for vegan parents. What are your views on vaccine? Many vaccines have animal ingredients in them, so do you forgo vaccines?


No I don't poison my children with what the medical community likes to call "vaccines". Not only do they have animal ingredients in some of them, the toxins they contain are outrageous. We don't use "traditional" medicine for most things, as common sense, healthy eating, and a healthy over all lifestyle are better for us than going to a narrow minded pawn of the drug companies that has no respect for our beliefs and has no regard to our kid's health, but only wants the bonus the drug companies will give them if doctors promote their products.

mom of breast fed non vaccinated healthy children.

The word vegan shouldn't be confused with the word martyr - all medication is tested on animals, and refusing necessary medication isn't vegan, it's psychotic.

Refusing vaccines for your children is putting their health and their lives - and those of other children - at risk.

Those who don't vaccination are still relying on vaccines to protect their children - herd immunity means that unvaccinated children are protected by the vaccinated majority. Parents who don't vaccinate rely on others to so.

Yes, vegans vaccinate. There are vegan and non-vegan anti vaxers who repeat bogus arguments about the dangers of vaccines; but I hope no vegan would expose their child and other children to unnecessary danger by refusing vaccination.


I'm the child of non-vegan parents, but a Vegetarian myself.

I do everything i can to avoid animal products, but something like a vaccine, antibiotic or important medication i'd be willing to use even if it contains animal products.

That being said, i refuse to use products that are tested on animals or containing animal parts for vanity reasons.

My shampoo, chap-stick, alo, soap, toothpaste etc is all certified cruelty free, I buy clothing that is made using fair labor, and synthetic/plant made materials.

I don't take any medication unless i REALLY need it -- which is pretty much never. But if i really needed an antibiotic or vaccine that had animal ingredients i would use it.

I am a vegan mother of three. I have raised my children as vegans and they love it. I'm not forcing them to be vegan; if at any time they want to try other foods, i'll be happy to let them. My kids are the world to me, as well as their health. They come before anyone and anything. I'm not gonna put their health at risk at the sake of animal traces in a vaccine. I love animals and think animal cruelty is sickening, but my kids come first for me


They will not do anything that is normal in anyones views. I personally think it is extream abuse to restrick your child from a normal healthy diet. Bullshit if you ask me.

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