Question: EATING HEALTHIER?help me :)?
i am trying to be healthier, but i am a sucker for macfas and KFC, so i would loge it if you could gige me some really gross and disctusting facts about mcdonalds and KFC. to sort of scare myself out of eating it again. i loge everything from maccas exept from the rank fish burger. im not over weight but i will be soon if i keep doing what im doing.
hehehe thanks - :)


don't know if this helps but scare tactics don't really work, like i watched that meet your meat video and all the way through it i was salivating at the mouth and craving meat so much that afterwords i just had to eat some.

Burgers dont contain proper meat they are made from ground up carcasses and all the gross parts of the animal that they cannot otherwise use such as skin, ears, bones, tail, tongue,eyeballs and offal. You will also be consuming all the drugs that the animal has been pumped with including hormones, fertility drugs and antibiotics, this means you are poisoning your body with secondary vetinary drugs. Besides all this you are consuming pure fat that raises your cholestrial levels and raises blood pressure, increases your chances of heart disease, many cancers, diabetes and obesity. Do yourself and the animals a big favour and grab a veggie burger.

watch this video- watch the whole thing, it gets graphic. KFC chickens…

ANd cow treatment in a typical slaughterhouse/factory farm.
The same beef used in school lunch programs is also used for fast food restaurants, seniors' homes and other low-cost food establishments.…

BUt O-O that's not what the poster is asking.

oh i's my breakfast and dinner. lol i know its not healthy but seems cant stop it. but it was 5 years ago. now im practicing atkins diet plan when i gain weight and balanced diet as i felt healthy. atkins= zero carbs for 2 weeks, alot of fibres and proteins,and at least 2 littres of water. i think you have always heard about this..exercise regularly...sleep active..practice healthy diet plan. though they may sound "very familiar" but they are the basics of healthy living. its fine to eat KFC and macfas once in a while. but never a regular meal

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