Can I substitue coconut oil for butter in baking?!

Question: Can I substitue coconut oil for butter in baking?
I'm trying to be healthier. I've used coconut oil making vegan frosting and it turned out well, what about cookies and cinnamon buns?


yes you can but it want come out as rich as it would with butter.

looked in my cook book

FYI, coconut oil is NOT healthier than butter, because it contains a lot more saturated fat (92% vs. 51%), etc. A much much better alternative to both of these would be canola oil, due to it containing a much higher ratio of good fats vs. bad fats with a saturated fat percentage of less than 7%.

ITS AMAZING Is this what you are looking for?

i dont think so,look for apple butter or apple sauce.oil will mess up the texture

I am not sure!:)

no i dont think so

don't know! maby lol try it

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