Do you eat pork products?!

Question: Do you eat pork products?
My religion forbids me from eating pork (and no I am not muslim). I think pigs were never meant to be eaten by man. If you do eat ham, you should try this experiment. Leave a piece of ham overnight in some water. When you come in the next morning there should be little worms swimming around. The reason is because the water opens up the pores in the ham and lets them out. Those worms are not good for you.


dont like ham that much but pork chops are ok

POrk worms in the brains of pork eaters is not uncommon.
Real pork worms in peoples' brains. It happened in the city I live- it was news.

I do not eat dead or live pigs.……

I am a muslim.

Thats rediculuous if you leave any meat without refrigeration all night soaking in water the results will be bad. Pork products are delicious and were definitely meant to be eaten.

That is soooo disgusting!

No, I do not eat pork, or any pig products; I'm vegetarian.

I totally agree with everything you said.

maybe that's why your supposed to cook pork products really well. if that's true though, that's really gross.

yes, i do

and its been proven the "worms out of pork" ideas are all faked.

Yuck!!! I have eaten ham before and that was years ago.Well, I tried it in 2005. I don't eat ham.

Sorry but little worms don't come out. Its an urban legend.

wrong category.. this is the vegetarian/vegan.. not freaks in religion..who go on and on about meat. bye!

I dont eat any meat!

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