How do you eat edamame?!

Question: How do you eat edamame?
I am not sure if it is a frozen food, or a snacking dry food like nuts. Can you eat them either way? If you eat them dry do they have the same feel as nuts? How do I eat them? -__- How healthy are they? Thanks.


You cook them boiling in a sauce pan and pop them out of the pod if they're not shelled yet. They are soybeans and they are the only vegetable that has more protein content than carbohydrate content.

I eat them alone as a snack and some people add them to a salad like tabouleh or pasta salad

You can roast them like nuts and eat em that way. I know several people who do that. You can also eat them as is. Put them in a salad or whatever and eat away. I used to eat them raw myself, like peas more or less.

boil them in their pods or go to trader joes for their varieties.

great soy dip:
boiling soy beans.. pop them out of their pods. (2 cups worth of the actual soy beans)
Puree them with a half avocado and add a lil salt, squeeze of lemon and add cilantro..

They are generally healthy, but its in dispute on how healthy.

I prefer it boiled with salt and scrape the beans from the pod with my teeth

I like to eat them boiled.

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