Are oats better if eaten raw or do they need to be cooked?!

Question: Are oats better if eaten raw or do they need to be cooked?


They can be soaked & eaten raw, as can the wheat. There are only 2 conditions for the individual, one, they like the taste & enjoy eating it. & the other very important condition is that your body is able to tolerate it. If you eat it just because of the hype or the research, but eating it makes you sick, then you shouldn't. Listen more to what your body is telling you, not just the information from your tongue alone.

Oats- they can be soaked very nicely, unless they're steel cut.
If it's the rolled or instant oats, you can soak them with no need to cook.
The best muesli is a soaked Bircher Muesli- soak oats in yoghurt overnight, with grated apple and raisins.

IT's a Swiss recipe, , or German, very traditional, very healthy.

Raw oats and grains are extremely healthy. To make them palatable, you can soak them- like with legumes, if you put them in water a day or two weeks ( any amount of time after a day is good) they're extremely palatable and digest well, providing you with optimum nutrients.
I eat a lot of raw stuff. Oats is just one.

If you were a herbivore you could eat raw oats, raw rice, raw wheat, and raw legumes. But humans are omnivores.

You can eat these items but your body won't benefit from them. Your body is not made to digest them properly.

i think it's fine either way but cooked is better

Help me?…

Your body can't digest raw oats very well, and they don't taste very good.

i honestly do not think that i matters what way you eat them. just what ever way you like.

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