Diet question urgent!!!?!

Question: Diet question urgent!!!?
Okay, i recently posted this as a question:

If my diet is like this:
Breakfast: 1 apple (60 calories)
Lunch: jello (? calories)
Snack: 3 slices of turkey (60 calories)
Dinner: 1 apple
Snack: 1 cheese stick
Lots of water
I will also be running for 30 minutes to an hour everyday.

I'm 16 years old, 5'5 almost 5'6 and 152 pounds. How much time do you think it will take me to lose weight and how much weight?
Example: 15 pounds in 3 weeks? Maybe

People freaked out and said that I would starve myself. So if this isn't right, then what is? Like I said before I'm 16 years old, 5'6 about, and weigh 152. I haven't been able to lose weight recently. Can someone give me some kind of simple diet plan that would help me lose weight relatively fast. Of course taking into consideration my age, height, and weight. I need to lose 25 pounds.


probably around 15lbs before Valentine's day.

You're going to lose way too much weight in about one month on that diet. By then, you will have binged countless times because if you're running and moving around quickly with intentional movements you are going to be so hungry.
By week two, running 45 minutes daily, and eating that food, you will be so irritable nobody will want to come near you.

More food- Eat bananas at breakfast- 2 and the apple.
Snack- eat some wholegrain pita with hummous and cream cheese
Lunch- brown rice/wholewheat pasta with vegetables- peas, corn and broccoli ( whatever you fancy), some dressing, cottage cheese and a small yoghurt .
Snack- piece of fruit, or dried raisins and peanuts.
Dinner-vegetable soup with some noodles and tofu. Fruit after.

It is true that you would literally be starving yourself. Without at least 1,200 calories per day your body will go into starvation mode, meaning the next time you put any real food in your mouth your body will store it and you will gain everything back. However, to lose weight, calorie reduction is important, just not to such an extreme. You can use a calorie calculator like this one to figure it out:…

That's not enough food/nutrition to keep your body functioning during the day. Talk to a doctor or dietitian to set up a plan for you.

Your best bet is to eat frequently. By that I mean every two hours or so. You are not consuming enough calories for your metabolism to register you caloric consumption. If you are consuming say 400 calories a day, your ketones will kick in, and you will start losing muscle. Let alone the fact that you can starve to death. Why so much worry to lose weight? 152 pounds is medium in my opinion, why would anyone want to look like a toothpick anyways?.

If you eat too few calories, your body tries to hold on to every bit of energy it can get. You will slow your metabolism down by starving yourself and you won't lose much weight, to boot. I'm not going to give you diet advice outside of that (except: more fruit, more veg, more whole grains, moderate exercise, treat yourself now and then) because your weight is normal for your height and age.

What I am going to tell you is this: Take a hundred bajillion pictures of yourself right now. Then, take a hundred bajillion more. Look at yourself in the mirror and burn this image of yourself into your brain. One day when you're older... maybe after a stressful time in your life... maybe after your freshman year in college... maybe after you've had a baby... maybe when you're 40 or 50 years old... (or any other time it's possible you could have a few more pounds than your ideal weight) you will wonder why you ever thought you were so overweight that you needed to consume less than 500 calories a day and run for an hour. And I hope you will dig up those pictures of yourself and laugh your butt off as you realize how ridiculous you were being and how gorgeous you looked. You will *wish* you could go back to those days and relish the way you looked. Just do it now and have no regrets.

If you keep this up, then you'll probably go anorexic.

You don't need to lose weight, if you do "starve yourself" then you might be held under emergency- and that wont be good. Plan out a diet where you know you're getting the nutrients you need and enough protein and fiber. If you plan out a healthy diet and get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day, then you start to feel great and look great. And if that doesn't work for you I recommend going vegan, and if that doesn't make you feel and look better, than I don't know what will. Be careful.

You absolutely have to eat more. More protein and more vegetables. The running is good, but actually strength training is hugely beneficial to weight loss. Muscle weighs more than fat and burns through many more calories. So I would advise not to focus so much on a number scale, but rather the number of your jean size. If you starve yourself, you will see the number drop, but if you work out and strength train, the number on the scale may not go down as quickly, but you will fit into smaller clothing sooner. At 5'6" and 152lbs, your BMI falls into the normal range. The best way to determine the healthiest weight is to go and visit your doctor. They will tell you honestly. But do not starve yourself!

Personal experience.

They're right, you would be starving yourself on this diet.

Make an account at - it's free and friendly, I promise. I lost loads of weight there. You enter your age, height, weight and goals, and how much exercise you do, and the programme tells you how many calories you need to reach your goal and can even set you up with meal plans to achieve it. It's the best weightloss site ever. You can enter everything you eat and it adds up the nutrition and calories.

To give you an idea of how much you're undereating, I lost 40lbs by eating an average of 1650 calories daily. Your diet here is only about 400 calories. Your body needs AT LEAST 1200 to survive even if you do nothing all day - remember you have vital organs to run which all require energy to keep going.

A sample day of my diet would be:
Breakfast: cereal with milk and banana, 280 calories
Lunch: chicken (or tuna, or ham) salad sandwich, 350 calories, grapes, 80 calories
Snack: orange, 100 calories, biscuit, 90 calories
Dinner: balanced meal of wholegrain pasta/rice/potatoes, meat and veg, 500 calories
Late snack: toast with margarine and marmite, 250 calories (or another small bowl of cereal, or cheese and crackers, or soemthing sweet if I'm feeling deprived)

A healthy rate of weightloss is 2lbs per week - you shouldn't try to lose 15lbs in three weeks. You could damage your health, or even end up with baggy stretched skin, if you lose too much too fast.

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