Do a select few meat eaters really have nothing better to do with their lives but to...?!

Question: Do a select few meat eaters really have nothing better to do with their lives but to...?
... troll the Vegetarian & Vegan section all day long? You really can't have much going on in your lives if that is the case. You know who you are. :)


You mean like Daisy and deer hunter? Take a look at their profiles, these are men and women well into their 40s, 50s ;) Pity those poor souls

EDIT: lo_mcg - Daisy has been posting for over one year, justifying her eating habits to others who don't eat like she does -- one can only wonder why. She knows nothing of nutrition, vegetarian diets, health as evidenced by her posts, just baseless claims and conclusions reached before actual research is done. These types of people usually have a heavy consciousness kicking them in the rear. Why else would they be so fascinated by how other people eat? It's an unhealthy obsession. FYI, I'm also in my 40s.

And deer hunter is just a fail troll who has zero to contribute and has never said anything remotely intelligent.

Oh, and as an aside, you haven't the faintest clue about God & The Bible, the one who curses those who disobey & blesses those who obey... so let's "don't go there" smarty mouth lo_mcg.

This is my level 1 backup account.

Pretty much. They like to spend their time here acting superior to the rest of us, calling our answers stupid "Peta propaganda", when a good amount of us hate PETA, and then telling US we have a superiority complex and to get off of our pedestals. People like Deer Hunter are extreme hypocrites. If I was to go into the hunting section and start posting a lot of vegetarian fueled arguments, I would be responded to much in the same way omnivores are responded to here. The difference is that they come here to incite argument, people like Deer Hunter copy and paste every single one of their answers thinking that it somehow makes them more legitimate, provide little to no proof of what they are saying, and get mad at us for telling them they should go find a section where their view points might be a little more widely accepted by like minded people.

All of us who use YA either have nothing better to do at the time, or are putting off what we do have to do.

Meat-eaters who post in this section aren't necessarily trolling; the section titles are a guide to topics, not restrictions on who may post.

Over the years there have actually been some interesting non-veg*n regulars (precious few at the moment, I'll grant you); sometimes these were people who originally came to mock, but stayed because they found it interesting and made worthwhile contributions.

Christine - what exactly is to be pitied about being in your 40s and 50s? Personally I think someone who views the Japanese tsunami and 9/11 as 'God's righteous judgement on rebellious people', and is 'thankful' for them is to be pitied far more than someone who just happens to have been on the planet a bit longer than you have

They don't realize that it can effect their karma. Purposely being mean and trying to hurt people is wrong in so many ways. They must not have anything meaningful to do with their time. I come here to help, not hurt.

So when I'm on here its pathetic, a waste of time, and it means I really have nothing better to do with my life. But when you and other people are on here this is not the case. lol

Yes. :)…

One good thing about v&v is no matter what you say, you're bound to get a lot of thumbs up (even if you also get a lot of thumbs down).

Maybe they think that they are enlightening the Vegetarian/Vegan community. The sad thing is, they're not.

questions from all sections also end up at front page, and if the question is idiotic it pisses some people off and you get corresponding answers

This was on my front page

I like beef

No, they don't.

LOL. What Deer Hunter said.

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