Can vegetarians eat air popped popcorn?!

Question: Can vegetarians eat air popped popcorn? the fresh popcorn seeds popped using an air popped popcorn maker or just a skillet?


Apologizing in advance for saying.... "You had to ask this question?"

I'm trying hard to think of any possible way animal product comes any where near the process of air popping corn?

I give up. I can't think of any.

Popcorn is a grain, so yes. We always cooked it the old fashion way. Heat up some vegetable oil in a saucepan and put the kernels in. Then shake it back and forth every 1 minute or so until it starts popping. Vegetable oil is made from vegetables, so vegetarians can use that to cook their popcorn in. If you like butter on your popcorn but don't do dairy then use some smart balance buttery spread .. that stuff is made from 100% non-meat/animal ingredients, vegetables.

Of course. I've been a vegetarian all my life, I don't see why not. There are no dead parts of animals in popcorn, it's made out of corn which is a plant. Are you worried about the oil or something? At some snack-bars, they use baking fat/oil that's animal based. But if you make it yourself than I don't see why that would be wrong to eat as a vegetarian!

Veggies can eat ANY popcorn as long as there is no bacon in it. Coconut oil is good for cooking it too.

being vegan for awhile

! Sure, we can!

I am a vegetarian Hindu Brahmin.

Hells Yeah . It's Definitely Not Meat So You Can Eat It . It's Corn . :) ;D Yes You Can Eat Air Popped Or Not! :D

Last time I checked corn didn't come from an animal so, um, yeah.

common sense

You are just kidding around aren't you? A part of the name is c o r n. Look it up, it's a veggie.

yes just HOLD THE BUTTER!!

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