How can I get my family to realize that being a vegetarian isn't bad?!

Question: How can I get my family to realize that being a vegetarian isn't bad?
I'm 19 years old. I've been a vegetarian for six years. I'm a vegetarian because I don't trust meat due to getting a food borne illness three times, I believe it's inhumane to torture animals for food, and for health and environmental reasons. My family doesn't support me being a vegetarian. How can I get them to realize that being a vegetarian isn't bad?


If you've been a vegetarian for that long, you're already doing the best thing that you can do. I mean, all the things they think are going to happen to you haven't happened right? Just keep being a model of vegetarian life for them. Often that's way more powerful than words. You can easily discount words, but who can truthfully discount your health, happiness, compassion, conviction, etc. (and why would they want to anyway)? Like another person said, the problem isn't yours, it's theirs.

Don't let it get to you and remain committed to this life that you've chosen. It is *your* life, after all. Just remember, though, that their intentions are probably good and they may just be concerned about you. They probably do care about you a great deal even if their worry is misplaced or unfounded.

I'm vegan... So imagine how little support you'd have if you also dropped the eggs, dairy and honey. :)

Are you trying to get your family to tell you it's a great choice, or to become vegetarians themselves? They might never do that. But that's okay, it is your life and your choice, so as long as they don't hassle you about it, you can find other people (such as friends) who support you and like to live the way you do. I definitely agree there is no point in trying to convert your family or criticize what they eat. I am a veggie too (since many years ago) and went through a more extreme stage when I was a teenager where I felt it was my duty to tell other people about how it was bad to eat meat. But more recently I realized you have to choose your battles in life, and if the worst thing your family does is eat meat, they aren't so bad! And they are your family -- so you have to accept them, just like they have to accept you. Have you tried cooking them a delicious vegetarian meal, just to be nice (not to promote vegetarianism)?

If you've been vegetarian for 6 years, why bother telling them now?

You're 19, you can do what you like, and why should you have to explain a perfectly normal way of life, or a mindset to grown adults? What, are they incapacitated? If they don't support you, you're 19, why does it matter if they can't be decent people to one of their own? I mean, it's very sad and I'm sorry for you, but it's really their problem. They can't be stupid, so they must be ignorant or narrow minded.

The fact that you refer to the slaughtering of animal as "torture' sort of implies that you might be a little preachy about it. If your idea of "realizing that you are a vegetarian" entails listening to you talk about how evil is it to eat animals, then you are out of luck.

It's not a bad thing. Preserving the animals of our world is a great idea. I will never gain that will power thanks to Colonel Sanders, but 50 years ago we never knew that the bald eagle was going extinct so we might not have cows 100 years from now. xD Feel free to vote this as the best answer. ;)

Just tell them that you have your own opinions and beliefs. However, they do as well so just live your lifestyle and let them live theirs. P.S. I think that being a vegetarian is great.

do some research and find lots of articles and such that support being a vegetarian then show them to your family

i'm a vegetarian too!

Your family is right.

You're an adult. You've been a vegetarian for six years. What do you care if your family doesn't think it's a good thing? My guess is that you're insisting that they become vegetarian, too?

Good luck with that.

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