Do some people believe the footage released of factory farms is staged?!

Question: Do some people believe the footage released of factory farms is staged?
If it is staged then why do the owners of such establishments run helter skelter to try and cover up the truth, and why do some of them not exist today because they have been shut down due to the very reasons stated with the alleged "staged" videos?

People watch these videos to become aware, just as child abuse videos made me aware of child brides and what I can do to try and help, videos released of abuse in animal exploiting industries has directed me to where I should not be putting my money into. If it were not for images and videos depicting the cruelties hidden behind lock and key, how would we ever know of atrocities committed such as the Holocaust? Some even claim the Holocaust itself didn't happen. How can people make such unsupported statements and illogical statements?


No those videos aren't staged. Maybe exsft and farm girl should watch food.Inc. They know deep down that those videos are real. How could you fake boiling an animal alive? They just don't want to be proven wrong. In their case all child abuse vedeos must be staged. Vegetarian activist go into factory farms and film what happens inside of them. They pretend to be workers so they can get footage of theese horible places.

I'm not ignorant

Joed - I gave your answer a thumbs down and am not ashamed of myself at all. There have actually been raids into factory farms (by law enforcement and not PETA) that have found the exact conditions shown in these videos. Also, filmers don't go up to the farm owner and ask to film. Its called infiltration; many of the filmers get hired or go in with an inspection crew and film the conditions. Maybe you should do a little research and you would find actual cases with documentation and all of these conditions.

No, there would be little point. People already call vegetarians morons with any excuse, and the videos would be more cleverly staged IF they were staged.

I laugh when people say they're staged, and when people say "vegan propaganda" at any link, video, info you post to read.
Of course it's "vegan propaganda" if the meat eater looks bad out of it.

I've never heard of people claiming those videos are staged - why the hell would the factories stage torture videos and release them to the public?? That would just be stupid.

I guess some people have to try to convince themselves that these videos are fake so they can continue to eat meat without guilt, ignorance is bliss right?

Yes, I've been following the following websites the last few years now, and well aware of the dirty tricks the Animal rights nuts get up to:



It's almost all staged. People do not want their privacy invaded and will try to prevent others from filming them. People also know that groups like PETA will distort the truth and don't want them anywhere near them. If you want to do something good, put your effort behind the human suffering that goes on in this world.

Anyone who would thumbs down this is someone who places animals over humans. They work at "saving" animals while there are millions of poor starving children & adults in this world in need of help. They want to help the animals and not the people. They donate time, effort and money to their animal cause while in the meantime millions of children die from starvation and disease each year. They should truly be ashamed of themselves.

Did you hear about the egg farm fiasco in NY about four years ago? Some guy took footage of an egg factory farm where the chickens were being abused. They got their high prices lawyers to prosecute the person who broke in to do the filming except there was one problem. They claimed that the footage was not their farm since they don't abusr animals and adhere to high standards. So when faced with the option of being forced to drop the lawsuit since you can't sue someone for filming property that doesn;t belong to you and admitting the footage was theirs, they chose to admitt it was their farm and the cruelty was theirs. The person who broke in had to serve almost nine months in prison. So staged or not the law would most likely intervene if it got to that point.

The horror seen in some videos is so inhumane most people couldn't fathom that it is real. What human being could be so cruel, these cruel people are someones neighbor, parent, teacher, etc.

I dont think the problem is that any of those clips are stagged, the problem is that it gives people a false impression that all farms are run like the videos show. The videos are just made to shut farms down and covert people to vegans. The animals activits will go around to any farm to try to get hired. It doesn't matter if the farm is a good one or bad one, they will do what ever they can to shut it down. It takes months for them to get enough clips to create a 2 minute video. The videos give people the impression that all farms are terrible, abusive places. The farms that do make the mistake of hirering an undercover vegan will suffer from being shutdown all because of one small mistake that is caught in camera. Their are questions on here all the time about animal treatment and many people answer by saying things like "when chickens are killed they are then boiled alive". This ocasinally happens but in no way is this the norm on any farm. The videos are what cause peole to believe these false statements.

The owners that run "helter skelter" as you call it are not identified, neither are the people on the videos, neither are they time stamped nor are the places identified/their locations revealed. Even more curious is that it seems only PETA and ALF "activists" have any sort of video footage and that these people were able to bring a camera on the kill floor where it is banned.
You can also find videos of ghosts and space aliens landing on earth on YouTube. Are you also foolishly going to question why most sane people don't believe them and ask why they are making such unsupported and illogical statements? PETA videos are unsupported and believing them is illogical.

Authorities don't intervene because the supposed activists don't like identifying themselves. It is more probable that because they are the ones in the video rather than they can get free steaks. Which incidentally makes me think, why do you keep banging the propaganda drum for PETA? Do you they waive your annual membership dues, get free stickers and shirts and a year supply of veggie dogs from the companies that sponsor their websites?

Ah the Holocaust.. let' see : there are first hand eyewitness accounts from the victims, the guards, the executioners and those indirectly involved. All the locations are identified, in fact some of them are still standing. There is a complete documented evidence (completely time stamp/time lined) when, where and how it occurred because the Nazis themselves wanted and made very precise records of what they did. There are thousands of forensics and verified photographic evidence of what went on. In fact what you won't have is an actual picture or video of the actual gassing.

first you compared the Jews and other victims to cows and chickens. Now you made some unnecessary reference that perhaps the Holocaust may have not existed.. Hmmmm. what's next, are you going to ask why people make the unsupported and illogical statement that Hitler was a monster? After all, there are no videos of him actually killing another human being just hours of footage of him playing with his dog and giving flowers and candy to children.

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