Did you vegans know that white sugar is made with animal bones? And do you know how?!

Question: Did you vegans know that white sugar is made with animal bones? And do you know how?
I just learned this little bit of creepy trivia the other day. Somehow they filter it through animal bones so it turns white. Is that even true? Ick!


Mm mmmmmmm! I love me some bone char in my morning coffee!! lol

I think if we know half of how our foods are produced, we'd be grossed out. Ignorance is bliss..

Apparently cane sugar is refined with "activated carbon." A lot of refineries use bone char (charcoal made from animal bones) as this source. So no, you're not eating dead animals, but animal products are used in production.


Yeah, I've known about that for about 15 years now, I thought it ws common knowledge these days. Just use organic sugar, beet sugar, turbinado, etc... There are plenty of vegan options out there.

was creeped out too when I first learned about the 'sugar/bone char' thing.

I can't immagine that it is true, you believe everything you read. Dad use to say, believe nothing you read/hear and only half of what you see. It stands to reason with the availabilty of filters, and paper being so much efficient. Why would you use ground bone?????

The bone char thing is a fairly common hidden animal ingredient. Gross, right? Luckily, you CAN get vegan sugar. Florida Crystals is a good bet.

No not bones but charcoal made from burnt bones. It is no more a bone than a burnt toothpick is a tree. Since you just learned about it, learn some more and get your facts straight.

just watch this. click on cane sugar.

also you can just look around online and find the answers yourself.

the bones are part of the charcoal that is used in the refining process. beet sugar is vegan but some cane sugar might not be

Mm...Here: http://ecdeal.info/8098/animal-bones


Yes I did know that. That's why I use certified vegan brown and turbinado cane sugar.

Yes, its true. Its filtered through activated carbon, most of which is made from bone char.


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