Are fabric softener sheets really made with animal tallow?!

Question: Are fabric softener sheets really made with animal tallow?
I heard that recently, and it's kind of gross if it's true. I get the cheapie ones from WalMart, so I know they're not vegan. Is it true? And is there a way to get my clothes soft and sweet-smelling without rubbing dead animals all over them?


That is five levels of unnecessary fru fru I am not involved with in my life.
Buying wasteful fabric softener, it actually costs money...which comes in a cardboard box no doubt, great, more trees chopped down, and putting them in your laundry dryer to make your clothes soft, and the dryer is in your house, right? when there are frozen shoe-less nuclear-soaked poor people sitting on icey frozen concrete slabs in Japan, eating one bowl of rice a day is so so so so beyond me right now.

I'm certainly not decrying what you do in your life, but the image is so funny- you're concerned with how your softening sheets for your clothes are made- animal or not? and those people are wondering if their brother is buried under that concrete pillar and when they'll next have a warm blanket.

I hope you don't think I'm rude, I don't mean to be, it's just so funny, that's all.

PS, I'm seriously not meaning to be rude, it's just such a laughable dynamic- you with the sheets, and them with the nuclear fallout.

Eww, why would you want to use vinegar on your clothes? You;d smell like pickles all the time. Yuck.

I don't care what they're made from. Its not like I'm using them to make lasagna or anything. Who cares! Unless you really do love laundry and eating your dryer sheets. Blech. :-P

As a side note, have you ever noticed most vegans have a funny smell to them? Its because they use "natural" "organic" things all the time. That basically equals animal feces and natural manure spreads on their food and other items. And garlic and vinegar. Gross. Remember the doc in Michigan? She was an eco-natural hippie weirdo and she had the WORST breath and teeth. Gross.
Gimme chemicals and lemme smell nice!

well i don't use them but apparently so. here's a site that sells vegan fabric softener :…
but i've heard that vinegar works well too:…

edit: apparently the smell doesn't stick. i figured as much or no one would use it.

The best way to get your clothes sweet-smelling is to hang them out on the clothesline in the sun.

Sorry, I don't use a dryer or fabric softener or fabric softener sheets. Most scented laundry products remind me of public toilets - that all powerful cover-up smell.

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