vegetarians and vegans question?!

Question: Vegetarians and vegans question?
few things you need to know caesar dressing has anchovies and Worcestershire sauce has them too. so watch out getting salads with caesar dressing and look on some dressing if they have worcestershire sauce in sauces too


Well duh. that's why you HAVE to read ingredient labels. animal products are hidden in tons of foods.
lard in restaurant fried foods, pie crusts, tortilla shells, and other baking mixes
gelatin in pills, candy, cereal, frosted foods, and marshmallows
chicken/beef stock in soups, gravy, and some powdered soup pouches
like you said anchovies in Worcestershire sauce and caesar dressing. its also in some BBQ sauces and asian stir fry sauces.
this really helped me as a new veg. and i still refer to it on a weekly basis
hidden ingriedients…
vegan groceries…

I believe we should always read ingredient labels vegan or not. We should know what we are putting into our bodies.

culinary school graduate, aspiring vegetatian chef, vegetarian 4 years.

Okay most vegitarians wouldn't eat Ceasr to start with and Vegans wouldnpt eat it all becuase it is EGG based. Just becaise you just found this out doesn't mean it is some unkown fact.

Eggs are not dairy. They are an animal protien.

Also, some Italian dressings have anchovies as well. Newman's Own Family Recipe Italian, for instance.

Thanks.. but I think a lot of vegetarians/vegans already know that, especially vegans, because they wouldn't eat caesar dressing anyway since it contains dairy.

Yeah its pretty amazing how much they manage to sneak animals into products that you wouldn't expect. I never checked labels back when I ate meat.

While many of us know this, thank you for the information. This forum has a lot of new vegans/vegetarians that may not have known.

Thanks for thinking of us! It's amazing where you can find animal based ingredients these days.

This is already well known. I'd even go so far as to call it common knowledge.


i did know this but thanks for sharing :)

Or could you grow some balls and eat a steak.

I have a hairy chest and no ovaries.

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