Can Vegans/Vegetarians eat nuts?!

Question: Can Vegans/Vegetarians eat nuts?
What about Edamame? Thanks.


absolutely! I think its actually recommended by dietitians for protein and omega fats:)

Absolutely. But I would shy away from anything soy, unless it is fermented. Recent studies are finding that this "miracle food" is not good for us... except in a fermented state. Fermented soy is found in soy sauce, miso, and natto. Tofu is cultured... not on the recent "good list" nor is raw, frozen, baked, fried, etc... or any other form of the famous soy bean.

For real? Yeah I believe so, unless the 'nuts' in question have escaped from an asylum, then it would be cannibalism!

Not Rocky Mountain Oysters, or almonds. . But 90% of your brain is filled with curds and whey, so being a true vegan frees your brain and gives you superhuman powers.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Of course. NO meat in nuts, seeds, or Edamames which are legumes.

Yes of course.
And edamame- they're soya beans.

Yes, they are plants. I've never once seen one breathe or move under it's own power.

Yes, of course. Now please stop asking these silly questions.

Yeah why not. They are plants!

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