I'm thinking of going vegan.?!

Question: I'm thinking of going vegan.?
I have been a vegetarian for four years.
I want to become vegan.
What are the pros and cons?
Is it hard to travel around the world as a vegan?

Thanks so much!


Pros: better for your health, the environment, the animals
Cons: seeing as how when you're vegan you're more likely to buy fresh fruits/veggies as opposed to processed food, you might find it a bit more expensive than a vegetarian/omni diet.

And, no! It's not hard to travel around the world as a vegan. Veganism is growing not only in the US, but many other parts of the world it's becoming more and more common. In the middle east, they serve foods like falafel and couscous, which are both vegan. In India, as well as other places, vegetarianism might as well be the norm, and it's not hard find vegan things in areas w/ vegetarian cuisines

vegan since I was fourteen years old :)

No because travelling involves flying and money, not food. It is only hard if you let the opinion of others dictate your beliefs or care more for convenience. When you're out, I'm sure there would be fruit or something by itself even if you went to a restaurant. There's vegans and vegetarians in other parts of the world too.

You might try this places: http://styleasy.info/458013/vegan Gooooood luck (:


You should be ok as long as you stay out of nepal. Well maybe they fly stuff there now but the diet there was meat based because the altitude was so high vegetation didn't grow there.

that its bad for your body your bones need milk

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