What do you eat today?!

Question: What do you eat today?
Please share


Pizza and sandwiches.

Wake up in the morning feeling oatmeal! :3
Breakfast!:Well, Quaker Whole Wheat Oameal (1/2 c.) and some 2% milk (1 c.) topped with apple slices and some raisins and granola. An apple and a banana! YAY FOR BANANA'S!
(today was a weird day, so I didnt go with my regualar food diet)
Lunch/DINNAH!: a small bowl of salad with a t. of vinegar and a t. of olive oil with lettuce. 1/2 of a kolety. (its a russian dish. Im russian [partially] its like meat, mostly beef, fried on a pan. Its really good-totally my childhood! http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http… Thats that.
SNACK!: Well, like I said it was a weird day, so I usually wouldnt eat after 8:00, but I was hungry, so I ate a mango in the car. A mango and a slice of dried peach with a small amount of blueberry granola. (like the size of your palm small.)
YEAH that was my day. My usual diet is very organized and diffrent. You asked the question on the right day!


well i woke up @ 2pm...ahah, i tend to sleep way too much.. 12-14 hours.. yeaah, i can't help it. ANYWAY.. .
woke up @ 2.. put ma slipperz on. ugh i'm writting this while my foot is asleep ! OUCH, hate this bothersome feeling. anyway, i'm so easily distracted -_-.. so here's my daily dose of FOOD>
2pm : pita bread with cream cheese ( garlic and herb one), milk
4-5pm: salami, with tomatoes, bread, cheese, and garlic... i do like my garlic, lemonade
6-7pm: chocolate caramel icecream, oatmeal, bread and some more of that cream cheese spread, water
8-9 pm : plate of grapes, strawberries, and oranges.

I'm DIFFERENT when it comes to eating, k. :)

Breakfast: Nothing as usual.
Lunch: Cocoanut ginger thai noodles w/ blackbeans. To drink, a glass of vanilla rice milk. For dessert, a vegan sugar cookie w/ macadamia nuts.
Dinner: 2 bowls of mushroom/tomato spaghetti with can of chickpeas, sprinkled in sesame seeds. To drink, a glass of mango juice followed by a glass of cocoanut milk.

Welll...I ate some rice and vegetable sides and a boiled egg.
(With water) and a coke.

Then I went to starbucks and drank a caramel frappucino and ate a tiramusu cake pop.

Then I went to this taco place and ate a taco bowl with corn, guacamole, cilantro rice, steak, cheese, hot sauce, etc.

And thats pretty much it.

wel, ill take yesterday instead!! :)

Breakfast - albran cereal with milk and raisins

snack - two small biscuits with jam

lunch - small bit of ravioli and tomatoes

snack - sweets (about 50g.)

dinner - spaghetti and Quorn bolognaise and salad

No breakfast

Chili's Restaurant for lunch:
queso dip w/chips and salsa
grilled chicken sandwich
onion straws
water w/lemon

ham and bean soup
vanilla wafers
2 pieces of chocolate

Well yasterday....
I ate Hot Wings with blue cheese n soda (I will addict that im addicted to pepsi once i go out. lol)
Then I ate chips
Then I ate plantins with butter and eggs (Its actually taste good)
Then gum
I guess yesterday was my eat less day. lol

Breakfast: Pancakes and sausages

Lunch: Homemade pizza with sausage and pepperoni

Dinner: Hamburger and chips

green smoothie


large salad

kale chips

raw "pasta" (zucchini) with raw tomato sauce

2 hershey kisses. (I had to)

breadroll,popcorn,skittles,grapes ! <<<< healthy day ayy? haha :D


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