What's your best protein power meal?!

Question: What's your best protein power meal?
Must be one single food item. Something you eat when you need lots of protein. It can be a dish too. Vegan chili for example, that could count as one single item; even though, that is a dish.


What we in South India call Paruppu Podi.A mixture of roasted and ground lentils which is taken mixed with rice.It is spiced with black pepper or dried red chilli powder

YAY fellow vegetarians!

Make protein dishes with Legumes, grains and nuts. Complementary proteins. Since veggies are incomplete proteins combining complementary proteins is key in making a complete protein!

I combine bulgar wheat with soy like (tempeh) in my spinach wrap/burritos. Or I use them together in a stir fry over brown rice with veggies.

Quinoa, however is a complete protein.. possessing all nine essential amino acids.


Whilst I am not a vegan I am a vegetarian and have been all my life, dispite being brought up in an enviroment where people seem only to eat meat.

A meal I often have is a simple fried egg, or for a healthier option a boiled egg. I feel eggs are just very easy to prepare, are ready in seconds and kids like them aswell.

Collard Greens
Widely consumed in the Southern US for many years, this leafy green vegetable packs a lot of nutrient value. Collard Greens have high levels of calcium, Vitamin E, and beta-carotene. In addition to these nutrients, it also boasts high selenium content. Collard greens can be had throughout the year but most consider them to be best between January to April.

Wow that's a lot of processed food. enchiladas make them the way you usually would using whole beans instead of meat. You know about soaking beans before cooking don't you?

Anything involving walnuts, go omega 3!

protein bar

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