How do I stop feeling so terrible?!

Question: How do I stop feeling so terrible?
I'm vegetarian and was caught in the dilemma of killing a maimed animal today, my dog refused for some reason to attack this mouse that had had it's eye pecked out and leg broken
So I picked up a large rock, long story short the animal was terrified limping away squeaking as I flung the rock about 5 times at it and kept only half hitting or missing it (I didn't want to just drop it on the mouse for fear of not killing it)
In the end a lady gave me a shovel from her house

I feel terrible for making such a mess of killing the poor thing, like I was only trying to ease it's death but instead ended up inflicting pain and terror on the thing. Any ideas of how to Shake this feeling?


From my experience that is something that will be with you forever. The first time I did a rescue from a broiler shed I was so overwhelmed by the suffering, when I found a chick that was dying I broke it's neck as I thought it was the compassionate thing to do. But it didn't die straight away. So I felt even worse and feel just as bad whenever I think about it.

Learn from this. If ever this comes up again, get the proper tool before you do anything. Better still get someone else to do it.

Ask for yourself to be cleaned of the feeling.
The mouse would have thanked you I think.

Ask whatever power you ask things from, to clean you, to take the poisonous feeling away.
If you had not done it, that mouse would still be alive in a state of agony, begging for relief.
You gave it relief, and you were an in-between unwilling partner in it.

You might want to carry a little spade with you and if you have to do a compassionate kill hit it only once and true. Or hell carry a bb gun it would be easier and quicker. There's nothing wrong with having compassion. And to they guy that killed the chicken, they have been known to run around with there heads cut off. You did the best you could with what was available at the time. That's good phrase to learn.

You should feel bad for not making a clean kill. My suggestion is eat chocolate. Good, dark chocolate. It contains stuff to improve your mood.

Dogs and cats often won't attack something that's not healthy. I guess it's instinctive not to eat something unhealthy.…

It will likely be with you for a long time. Sorry. You can do something to make up for it by donating to an animal charity.

Been there, done that.


It will be a hard feeling to shake, and your guilt may come from the fact that you didn't kill it quickly, but remember that if you had not killed it to put it out of its misery, it would have suffered even greater running around in the wild with a broken leg and being blind in one eye. If something like this happens again make sure you have the proper tool to kill it painlessly and quickly, and just try to clear your mind. After all, your intent was to save it, not to provide more suffering.

Don't interfere with nature.

And have a nice juicy steak to settle your nerves.

You all take yourselves far too seriously.

Wild Society, first of all, you didn't do anyting wrong. It is a mouse anyways.

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