Mexican Vegetarian Recipes? A fellow volunteer is leaving us next week and we're giving her a send off potluck?!

Question: Mexican Vegetarian Recipes? A fellow volunteer is leaving us next week and we're giving her a send off potluck?
She's a vegetarian and was hoping for some recipes that might be good for her send off potluck lunch. Thanks in advance for any help.


Red Bean Veggie Burgers…

Enchiladas: refried beans, tortillas, cheese, onions, lettuce, enchilada sauce, and sour cream (if you desire). Also bell peppers if you want to add those. I eat this all the time, because that is the only I get nutrition from a Mexican dish. Also just like other people said, rice, and other things they suggested are also good vegetarian dishes. You can make tacos using the same things except for enchilada sauce and tortillas you can replace with taco and salsa.

Salsa is always awesome. You can take the salsa thing further and make a mango, corn, black bean salsa. You could put out some fajita stuffs with grilled portabello mushrooms, onions, lettuce, etc. You can make a spicy vegetarian enchilada too.

You can make a vegetarian chile using barley in place of meat. I have lost the recipe that i had. Be careful of canned refried beans. Most are made with lard. You can buy ones that say Vegetarian. You can make tacos with the meatless "meat crumbles" by Bocca.

Vegetarians love the simple mexican dishes. Nothing more refreshing than chips and salsa and nothing more hearty than beans, mexican rice and lettuce. OR even make burrito minus the meat of course.

Most mexican food is made without meat in mexico. Just substitute whole beans for meat in any favorite mexican recipe.

Just make sure you got some corn, beans, brown rice, guacamole in whatever recipe you're making and you'll have like a complete protein right there.

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