I need to pack on a much weight as I can in 1 month, please help?!

Question: I need to pack on a much weight as I can in 1 month, please help?
Now I am not talking from going from 0 to obese, I am talking healthy weight, e.g getting ready for rugby etc.

I am 6ft so need to pack on a few more pounds. I am going to the gym most days aswell.

The thing is I am a vegetarian but I am a vegetarian who won a £200 ASDA voucher at work for red nose day!!!


Eat peanut butter and banana pita breads for breakky.

Pasta with chickpeas and alfredo sauce.

Baked potato with lima beans, sour cream and cheese.

Loads of curry- Asda do great curry.

bananas by the ton- loads of carb and no fat.

Loads of legumes- chickpeas ( hummous) and lentils and butter beans- make a huge salae with them, add vinaegrette and eat with wholemeal pita.

Brown rice and soysauce, with peanuts, stir fried quorn and broccoli.

Humous, cream cheese bagels.

Porridge with bananas and walnuts

Go crazy on walnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews- make a noodle salad with nuts and sliced up omelette/

Eggs- scrambled in a wholewheat pita, with salsa and mushrooms.

Hi :)

Try eating extra carbs right before bed time.
Im a 20 yr old female, who weighs about 54kgs and im just a healthy weight but ive been looking to fill my body out... haha Im pretty much like a models model, but I want to get curvier, so im trying this.

It stores the carbs as extra fat I think, which you can turn into muscle.

If you can eat them try :

pastas, breads, risottos, rice dishes, potatoes, etc.

Make foods with bread products.

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