Why choose to be vegetarian?!

Question: Why choose to be vegetarian?

Moral grounds - objections to the Killing of animals

Health grounds - high levels of cholesterol and hormones in meat

Fashion - fashion dictates what we eat as well as what we wear!

Religion - different world religions give guidance on what can or should be eaten

Environmental - the meat industry is said to have a negative environmental impact

TO me there was no real choice, just an awakening one day that meat was completely gross and felt wrong inside my body, it was fatty, greasy, and always took forever to chew. Something felt off about putting the flesh of one animal, into this animal.

I'm lucky, I see the truth in things that way- a knowledge inside instead of a mental list.

So there was no choice, just the light dawning.

I've seen videos of animals getting slaughtered, it's beyond horrible. We have endless alternatives that make up for the lack of meat. We don't need it to survive. At this point, we eat meat for one reason. Because we like it. That's just pathetic. So we're gonna kill a thousand pigs, causing extra damage to the earth on top of everything else, just because we don't like the taste of green beans.

Eating meat supports the meat trade which causes so much unnecessary suffering; we don't need meat to survive. We have plenty of alternatives.

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