What's your favorite vegetarian snack?!

Question: What's your favorite vegetarian snack?
Choose a sweet & salty?


Anything with avocados, even just cut in half and eaten straight out of the shell with a spoon. Even better mashed up with pico and lime juice and garlic powder with chips.

Hummus on anything!

Frozen fruit in the food processor with some yogurt makes a nice treat, too. I like to keep it thick, though... more like ice cream instead of a smoothie.

sweet: chocolate ice cream, or strawberries.
salty: tortilla chips and salsa!

PS: and yeah, that "salty" snack was more of a "spicy" one, so my other favorite salty snack is salted cashews. :)

I love fresh passion fruit and any fruit juices that contain it. Om nom. When I'm in an unhealthy mood I love making myself vegan shamrock shakes and doughnuts.

Salty...salted pistachios. Om nom nom.

Sweet- sliced cherry tomatoes with brown sugar and soysauce.

Salty- roast fava beans with oil, salt, pepper and lime. ( Roast in oven for an hour)

Half a peanut butter & jelly or apples and peanut butter

organic peanuts.

fresh carrots cut in small peaces in white vinegar, 'yummy' lol

mmmmm... apples & pb!!!

Cottage cheese and crackers..

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