What is unhealthy and unethical about dairy?!

Question: What is unhealthy and unethical about dairy?

Many researchers say dairy products are high in saturated fat and cholesterol and have been linked to numerous illnesses and diseases such as diabetes, prostate cancer, heart disease, various allergies and Crohn’s disease. A report of Harvard University, which followed more than 75,000 women over a period of 12 years, found that the women who consumed the most dairy products had no more protection from bone fractures than those consuming little or no dairy. There are plenty of calcium rich foods other than dairy, such as kale, broccoli, collard greens, figs, apricots, almonds, sesame seeds, fortified non-dairy milks, and fortified orange juice.

According to a report by the United States Department of Agriculture, there are more than nine million cows living on U.S. dairy farms – about 13 million fewer than there were in 1950. However, milk production has continued to increase, from 116 billion pounds per year in 1950 to 170 billion in 2003. The cows would naturally produce only enough milk to meet the needs of their calves which is about 16 pounds a day. But today, they are forced to produce more than 50 pounds a day or 18,000 pounds of milk a year – three times more milk than they would naturally by using genetic manipulation, antibiotics, and hormones.

As a result, the cows on factory farms suffer from a variety of health problems. Common illnesses are mastitis, inflammation of the mammary glands and “milk fever,” a dairy industry disease caused by intensive milk production which occurs when milk secretion depletes calcium faster than it can be replenished in the blood. Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH), a synthetic hormone, is commonly injected into cows to get them produce even more milk. The hormones adversely affect the cows’ health and increase the rate of birth defects in their calves, as well as the cause of breast and prostate cancer in humans.

It causes so much acid in your body. Most westerners eat way way too much food that creates acid- all meats, dairy, eggs create acid- to digest the dairy we have to make acid to break down the lactose.
Acid erodes organs, it creates disease by wearing down your body before its natural time.
A MUCH more alkaline diet would help everyone to live, healthy, without joint pain, cramps, muscle wastage and the usual stuff that people think it normal, but isn't.



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