Are onions evil and spicy? I think so...I think so.?!

Question: Are onions evil and spicy? I think so...I think so.?

I hate onions. :D Mostly because they make me ill whenever I eat them, but also because they taste HORRIBLE! ... But I might just think that because of what happens when I consume them. XD

they can have strong flavors, which you might consider spicy... but no, they are not evil, and many people, myself included, love them

Some religions and social groups do not eat onions/garlic/leeks etc because they believe they heat up the body, causing impure thoughts. As for me? I like eating them, and I like impure thoughts.

It depends on how the onions were raised. If it had loving & nuturing onions for parents it will more than likely not be an evil onion.

I know someone who agrees with you, but it is not me. I love onions.

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