Quick question for vegetarians and vegans?!

Question: Quick question for vegetarians and vegans?
I'm a meat eater but I wanted to ask if it was true that you can smell the...I guess "scent of meat" from our pores? Sounds silly I know, but I've always heard that.


Rarely. Usually, the smells would come from breath and/or clothing (if they were around for the cooking).

That being said, what you eat does often affect how you smell. Garlic and onions and strong spices can come out in your body odor. Coffee, alcohol, dairy, and meat can also do it.

I cannot tell by their scent if they are omnivores or vegetarians but I can definitely tell if someone is a vegetarian when I kiss them. All the omnivores I have kissed have almost got like a spicy taste or they have got a musky sort of taste, its really strange but not necessarily bad, but the two vegetarians I have kissed had really fresh breath, not stereotypical cabbage breath. I really doubt people can smell the difference in diet on other people based on anything but their breath but animals are another matter. If I'm in the vicinity of a carnivorous animal I would probably smell like fresh lunch.

Plus, omnivores make up 95 percent of the population, a vegetarian can probably make a pretty good guess that the person next to them is most likely an omnivore.


Yes, meat eaters do smell.
It is usually pretty obvious if I smell someone's scent who eats meat or not.
Not all meat eaters smell of course. But meat DOES come out of the pores and skin.
Sweat too, breath etc.

Yeah..like when they breath and have had a chicken/beef/whatever, you can smell meat mixed with stuff. And meat eaters do have more B.O, because meat rots in your body for 2 days.

Haha I've never really thought about it. I don't exactly try to smell people, but I guess if they just had a big steak or a burger I would be able to tell from their teeth. Meat also affects body odors.

I eat meat but my whole family is vegetarian and i just asked my mom and she laughed and said no.

lol no I can't. I couldn't identify a meat-eater from a vegetarian by their smell. And I have a pretty good sense of smell.

yea, possibly a vegetarian can somehow sense that if a someone eats a lot of meat. I know if im one I would know.

I don't think so, at least I can't. If they just ate meat, I can smell it in their breath. Otherwise no. (:


only from breath, im a vegetarian, and i certanly cannot smell someones meat pores ... hope this helped

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