What do you eat today?!

Question: What do you eat today?
Please share


KFC-kentucky fried chicken.

Breakfast: Rolled oats cooked in unsweetened almond milk, with raisins and a banana. Some prunes on the side.

Lunch: A whole bunch of leftovers mixed together. Included: Wheatberries, brown Basmati rice, black beans, barley, spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, yellow pepper, red pepper, broccoli, ... Forget what else but you get the point. :P

Snack: An orange and a piece of homemade banana bread.

"Dinner": A bunch of raw cauliflower, broccoli, and half a zucchini.

Late night snack: Steel cut oats. Dunno why I've been craving those late at night lately!

Breakfast: Blueberry oatmeal, soymilk

Lunch: Omg... I just realized that I had no lunch today. D:

Dinner: Mostaccioli, salad

Random snacks throughout the day: Apple with peanut butter, blueberries and strawberries, white cheddar bunnies :3

homemade pancakes for breakfast, peanut butter crackers and string cheese for lunch, then basically just a bunch of random crap the rest of the day! Lol I ate horrible! Getting back on track tomorrow :) On Sunday's I always eat a little less healthy

Breakfast: biscuit, eggs, hashbrown
Dinner: mexican veggie soup
Misc: cranberry juice, chocolate


Breakfast: A granola bar

Lunch: A turkey and cheese sub with tomatoes and lettuce, penne vodka, and a fruit salad

Dinner: turkey soup with cabbage

i ate fajitas and tortillas with some rice on the side (my mom makes the best tasting rice!) and smashed beans with a little bit of shredded mozzarella over it<3 delicious!

Oatmeal, black beans with tofu and rice, granola, salad, and sorbet

Mcdonalds and I'm about to eat Pho when my mom is done making it

I ate two soft taco's, and a lot of Cranberry Juice.

That's it.

well i ate 7 children 5 cats 2 dogs 13 hippos 79 adults 43 pop tarts and 996 slugs

mushroom pizza !


I had peanut butter toast for breakfast.
For lunch I had a cheese burger.
And for dinner I had a salad.


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