Does meat have more iron in it then fish?!

Question: Does meat have more iron in it then fish?
Answer quick please.


Red meat does, yes...the red color comes from hemoglobin in the animal blood, and hemoglobin is a rich source of iron...

(Fish don't have hemoglobin their blood or muscles...)

Guys, sometimes they automatically suggest that a question with fish to the Vegetarian & Vegan section. Most of the people just click the button without realizing it's going in this section. If was meant for a vegetarian question, yes fish is meat. It is the flesh of an animal.

Even though I don't consume meat, most people say fish is the healthiest form of meat you can eat. It is lower in iron than red meat, but less cholesterol and saturated fat. You can easily have too much iron, so you might as well choose to eat fish over red meat. If you're a meat eater, than getting iron isn't really that big of a concern.

They're both meat, but beef has more iron than fish:……

Fish is an animal and is therefore meat. A steak has more iron in it than fish. Most livestock and wild game has more iron than fish. Why is this in the vegetarian section?

fish is meat in my opinion, any muscle is meat
generaly red meat has more iron frim what ive learned but brocoli, and spiniach is packed with it

It depends on the animal's diet. Some fish have more iron in their bodies than others because they eat different things. Same with land animals.

Fish is meat. Some meat has more iron than other meat. Red meat (beef) is the best source of iron.

Fish IS meat. And why is this in the Vegetarian and Vegan section?

I dont eat either, you would be better asking on the food and drink site.

All the data you need is right here.

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