I heard there are certain foods you can NOT eat ewhen your on your period?!

Question: I heard there are certain foods you can NOT eat ewhen your on your period?
Is that truth if so can u list them... Like I heard fish and eggs and beans are bad but why?


There is no food you cannot eat when on your period.
There may be foods that some people tell you to avoid before and during your period to help control the bloating, cramps, etc. But these are suggestions. And, frankly, I never saw any difference when I curtailed my food choices before or during my period. I still had the same symptoms and bodily maladies.

Not true. I eat whateva I want on mine and have no problem. However there are some foods to avoid that cause bloating and cramps! First of all don`t smoke. Second ease up on candy and carbs. Drink tea when your on it and take calcium chews =)

Lay off foods high in salt and sodium. Some women tend to retain water during their periods and excess salt makes that worse.

That's a myth. You can eat anything you want

No, that's just silly!! :)


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