Do vegetarians feed their animals meat products?!

Question: Do vegetarians feed their animals meat products?

Some do, and some don't. I did, however, want to point out that while dogs can live healthily on a vegetarian diet, the same is NOT TRUE FOR CATS. Cats are what we call *obligate carnivores*. That means that they MUST eat meat to survive, it's just not a choice for them. They can ALSO eat veggies, but their bodies are built in a way that they need certain nutrients that ONLY meat can give them. Please don't try to make your cat into a vegetarian, you will kill it. And be sure to talk to your vet before starting ANY pet on a new diet to make sure you are giving your pet the nutrition it needs.

I am a vegan and personally choose not to own a pet like a dog or cat because I am not willing to contribute to the meat industry by buying dead animal pet food.

However, I know MANY vegetarians/vegans who do not share this same sentiment. While I try not to judge them I'll be honest, I don't understand the double sided point of view.

I wouldn't really know since I've never been in that situation, but I would try to feed my pet vegetarian food. However, if it didn't work out or my pet got unhealthy, I would give it meat products. Reluctantly, though. But then again, I don't really plan on having any dogs or cats or anything so I'll probably never have to worry about that. :P

Everyone is different. I'm a vegan but my cat is definitely not. It isn't healthy for him to be a vegan, cats are designed to eat meat (their teeth, stomach and digestive system are all designed for meat). The same isn't true of people, our teeth and digestive tract is closer to that of an herbivore than an omnivore (like a dog) or an herbivore (like a cat).

Why not? Vegetarians don't eat meat. That doesn't mean they don't buy meat.

Now vegans are a different matter. They claim to not support the meat industry. But when they buy meat or meat based foods for their pets, they're supporting the meat industry just as if they ate it themselves. I think they're hypocrites.

I do. My cat is a carnivore and deserves to eat meat. I know I dont, but I shouldnt stop my animals from eating meat. Thats not fair... and when they go out in the wild and eat say a bird... they arnt a vegitarian... They NEED meat in their bodies...

Well it depends. If I had animal I would feed it no meat. Just vegetarian food.

I know some one who feeds their dog avocado dog can food.

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