Do fast fast food restaurants abuse their animals?!

Question: Do fast fast food restaurants abuse their animals?
Me and my friend were talking about this the other day. She said that KFC abuse and drug their chickens, is this true?


Fast food outlets use meat from animals that have lived a dreadful short life. These animals are pumped with fertility drugs and hormones so you will be consuming secondary vetinary drugs. These animals are abused and they are just a means to make profits and make people ill with cancers and heart disease.Slaughter houses have to work fast to keep up with demands of the outlets so that means many animals slip past the stun gun unoticed or ignored because of lack of time,this means many animals are slaughtered while still awake and alert. Every time you buy a burger you are condoning animal abuse and making the demand for meat bigger.

There is a myth going around that KFC abuses the chickens they use for food, but in a way, most fast food places do. Thing is, after raising them to have unnaturally large breasts and chopping the head off, they throw the entire thing into a grinder. From there, it basically goes into a deep-fry. Afterward they are cut to have nicer shapes and hide the entire process.

Supersize Me (documentary)

Fast food restaurants don't keep their own animals - they buy them. But they do tend to buy the cheapest ones they can, so they can keep their food cheap so you will buy it more. That means they won't be using healthy organic free-range chickens that have had a good life - they'll be using the cheapest youngest battery hens they can get, from farms where the chickens are crammed together in small spaces and never see the sunlight.

The fast food resteraints them selves don't abuse animals but they buy their meat from companys like Tyson that do drug their animals to make them grow fatter to give better meat and the animals are treated very poorly. To see what your friends were talking about watch clips of factory farms on YouTube, look at factory farming on wikipedia and if your really interested watch the doccumentary food.Inc

The animal rights group PETA did an investigation and found that KFC suppliers did abuse their animals. It wasn't KFC directly, as the fast food companies don't deal with live animals.

I suggest you look at

And also check out the PETA website if you are interested in animal rights :)
Be warned though, the videos are horrible!


KFC gets its meat from abused animals.
The people in the KFC store themselves do no handle chickens- the animals are abused far away, and murdered before being chopped up ( or sometimes the chopping happens when they're still alive)
and the frozen bits of chicken are taken to the KFC stores.

They are accomplice to the abuse.


fast food restaurants don't deal with the animals, so they can't abuse them

some slaughter houses that the fast food company deals with might however
and no, KFC doesn't abuse their animals, they purchase the majority of their chicken from Tyson Foods, which has been accused of this however.

KFC employees don't have chickens in the back of the restaurant and get their meat from mostly the same suppliers that stores use.
No chicken grown commercially is given growth hormones; thats been illegal since the late 1950's.

Fast food restaurants buy their meat already processed from large meat processing plants.

When they finally get the meat its already in burger patties, and the chicken is ready to be cooked. They don't deal with live animals.

Well, they buy from and support companies that abuse animals, but they don't do it directly.

Yea, KFC has Chickens in the back butchering them up. They are not your usual fast food restaurant. They don't get their products from suppliers.

No they just buy the aniamals

they buy in bulk so i would say no

what he said

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