I want to become a vegetarian?!

Question: I want to become a vegetarian?
I really want to eliminate meat from animals from my diet but I find it very hard to do. When I tried for two months a few years ago, I ended up looking anorexic because I lost so much weight.

How can I become a healthy vegetarian? And can I be a veggie (not Vegan) while keeping Sushi/Fish in my diet?

Serious answers only please .......thanks xo


Eat a well balanced diet. It's the best thing you can do. I find it took me a while before those burger cravings went away, but they eventually do. Trust me.

Oh, and here are some of my favourite vegetarian foods:

Egg noodle stir-fry (with soy sauce and veggies)
vegetable-stock soup (in your cause, you could add fish slices)
vegetarian lasagna (you can buy it pre-made)
soy chicken nuggets

"When I tried for two months a few years ago, I ended up looking anorexic because I lost so much weight."

Make sure you're getting enough calories. As a vegetarian, sometimes it seems like you're eating more calories than you actually are, because plant-based food usually isn't very calorie-dense. Not eating meat won't have any effect on your weight, provided that you consume the same amount of calories as you did before.

"How can I become a healthy vegetarian?"

Here's a good site about vegetarian nutrition that can help you plan a healthy diet:
You could also talk to a dietitian if you have any other concerns.

"And can I be a veggie (not Vegan) while keeping Sushi/Fish in my diet?"

Vegetarians do not eat any animals, so if you eat fish, you aren't a vegetarian. People who don't eat any meat except for fish are called pescetarians.

Hope that helps :)

I'm a pescetarian - which just means I'm a vegetarian who eats fish. It's actually a really healthy lifestyle if you play your cards right!
It was tough when I first started out because I didn't know how to get protein from plants and other sources, but I talked to my doctor and he explained which foods I should eat, and even recommended some dietary supplements. Therefore, I would recommend talking to your doctor - they know best!
If you're lazy like me, you can do some research to find healthy non-meat foods that are rich in protein and iron. I know that tuna, soy beans, cottage cheese, cheese, beans and legumes etc are high in protein, and I know spinach has a lot of iron...
Really though, it's not a difficult lifestyle once you get the hang of it - and you'll feel better, too. :)

Three years and counting :)

I have just finished writing a cook book on vegetarian starters and light lunches, whilst producing these I did put a little weight on (diet time now) you can get this book on amazon.



vegetables vegatables fruits soy ! beans edamame. portobelllo mushrooms. bright peppers. carrots. skim milk. and yea

it would make you a omno-lacto-pescitarian if you ate fish and eggs and milk. fish has protien and omega 3's which meat dosent have..

check out a food pyramid, and correct proportions. because humans dont need much protien. and get a daily multi vitamin

im a vegetarian.

nah dude, dont give up the filet mignon, do like lil wayne bro, ya hurddd

lil wayne

like helth vegetarian its good foods vege i like really

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