What are some arguments against Veganism?!

Question: What are some arguments against Veganism?
I'm a vegan, but I want anti vegan arguments so I know how to counter them


The main one is that some (but not all) people may not be able to get enough protein. I know vegans say that you can get protein from nuts, seeds, beans etc. but at least some people can not get enough protein on a vegan diet.

In addition to this some vegans eat way too many carbs they don't eat animal products and then load up on bread, pasta etc. which is not good.

Most people will do fine with a vegan diet but there are some who just need the protein and thus do need chicken or fish now and again.

Some vegans are just too "preachy" and honestly there are people who don't want to hear any kind of "message".

In some ways veganism is (not always) associated with liberal hippie types and many people do not like liberal hippies.

You are not as good or better as you claim to be. All you have is a mere alternative lifestyle to what is universally accepted as the norm. Veganism doesn't make any more healthy, compassionate, "saintly" nor environmentally friendly as the websites would like you to believe. Nor does it give you any special right to impose your beliefs on others just because you think it's better. Remove the fancy words, veganism involves nothing more than what you eat, wear or sleep/sit on. It says nothing of how you should speak or behave or even think.

Not so much arguments but little reminders if you behave that way.. If you think the same, then we don't have to argue about your lifestyle.

None. You can thrive and live long with that diet.

Other than there being few
vegan places to eat across the mid west of USA, then none.
Most people in the world don't live in USA, so no hassles.
Some will say you need b12- vegans can get b12 easily by eating soil=-grown foods- mushrooms, carrots spinach. A grain of soil contains as much b12 as you'd need daily.

I personally can see nothing negative about being vegan, i am perfectly healthy and happy and my doctor finds no problem with my diet.

Sorry, nothing comes to mind. Just live and let live. People can make their own choices and if they want to argue with you about veganism just agree to disagree.

A good book to read is "Vegan Freak" it prepares you for all the scenarios including family, friends, strangers...

Vegans do not consume enough fat or protein or calcium.
Idk I'm sure if they try they can find protein sources like nuts but just trying to give you an argument.

Cheese is delicious. We are all going to die and if there isn't cheese in heaven I don't want to go.

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