I Think I'm making progress...?!

Question: I Think I'm making progress...?
I'm new to this whole healthy eating thing, SO here's what I ate [ or going to eat today ]
Keep in mind that I'm in highschool so we don't really have snacks.

Breakfast : fried egg w/ one slice of american cheese on 1 slice of bread, regular sized water bottle.
Lunch : some nuts, 2 granola bar thingys ( 2 is in the package ) 1 orange, regular sized water bottle
I wasn't that hungry, so for a snack I ate some celery sticks and a small glass of milk
dinner : cornbread w/o butter , bean soup w/ onions.
Is this a good diet ? Am I eating the right stuff ? I know it's the menu for just 1 day BUT if I'm eating right, I'll have an idea on what else to eat.


It's not enough food.
Sorry, but you'll never last eating that.

The egg= well you can boil the egg or paoch it, doen't have to be fried, but one fried egg is not too bad.
Eat `100% WHOLEwheat bread, not white bread. Never eat white bread, you may as well inject glucose into your veins of you eat white flour.
ONLY wholegrain, ( don't buy bread that is brown that says "wheat flour"- duh! they're all made of wheat flour) you need to really know what to look for, ONLY 100% wholewheat, with no white flour or wheat flour mix.
If it doesn't say 100% wholegrain, wholewheat, don't buy it.
Eat normal cheese- those cheese slices are nasty and fake. Eat good cheddar or soycheese, it's not hard.

Granola bars have sugar, high fructose corn syrup and junk in them. Check the label, there are only a few of them that are not sugary. The first ingredient is sugar, you're better off eating plain oatmeal with honey and milk.
The dinner sounds good!

If you have a chinese or thai supermarket near you, go there- they have FRESH tofu, and baked tofu- which no american supermarket sells.
Fresh and baked tofu are amazing, and that nasty stuff in white tubs in the US supermarkets is very unpleasant.

Glad you're vegetarian and going healthy.
Make sure ALL your food is wholefood- no white bread, no white rice, pasta etc.
Fill up on a fresh fruit smoothie in the morning- make it yourself, or eat fruit-banana, kiwi, pear, with plain yoghurt and granola. Not white bread and cheese slices.
ps butter or sunflower spread is OK to eat- Earth Balance is rich in nutrition.
Dump the cereal bars unless they're wholefood and not HCSans sugary/

American cheese is high in fat and calories, so maybe tofu cheese would be better, (it tastes like American cheese and is vegetarian, plus it melts better), I used to use Galaxy Veggie Slices, available at grocery stores.) Granola bars are high in sugar, and try not to eat any white bread, Ezekiel or Wheat is much better for you:)

Fried food is not healthy. Your lunch is more of a snack. You need to eat actual meals. And you definitely need to eat more than that.

vegan :D

Lunch was not so great. You need to add more veggies too. Make sure your bread is whole grain.

More vegetables!
Try something like this:

Breakfast -
Two pieces of whole grain toast with peanut butter and jam
Fruit salad

Snack -
Trail mix
Hand-held fruit of your choice

Lunch -
Vegetable fried rice
2 Spring rolls

Snack -
Cut-up veggies with a dip of your choice

Dinner -
Jalapeno falafel pita wrap with hummus
Salad with a variety of vegetables topped with olive oil


Breakfast -
1 cup of oatmeal with maple syrup, cinnamon, and berries
Fruit salad

Snack -
Toast strips

Lunch -
Spicy peanut noodles
Soup of your choice (I love miso - I make it with tofu, potato, and all sorts of other vegetables)

Snack -
Vegetarian chili

Dinner -
Burritos/Tacos/Fajitas with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, salsa, and hot sauce (if you like)

Good luck and make sure to drink at least 2L of water a day! ^_^


Have to take some proteins,carbs. have some chicken and fruits. It can change you skin to healthy too.
I started eating healthy 3 months ago...
I used to eat apple daily.my skin got healthy.

take care..:)

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