What color should the blood in my urine be?!

Question: What color should the blood in my urine be?
I swallowed a bunch of staples as a dare at school th other day and it really hurts to pee. But now instead of the usual red, its this strange black color. Should I be worried of it or is ity some effect of the metal in the staples?


Vegetarians are not necessarily gurus on the subject

I really hope this is not a serious question. But if it is you need to need get to the doctor because 1)you should not have swallowed staples, not even for a dare, and 2) you should never have blood in your urine, it's always indicate's a problem (infection etc)

Thje staples could not get into the urinary system as staples. They could preforate your intestine which is serious. Blood in the urine is serious. How can it normally be red? Troller??

it is not normal to hve blood in ur pee at all...........u really need to see a doctor an dont ever eat staples again. dare or no dare.........thts was jus totally stupid, an u could of hurt urself really bad.

plain common sense!!


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