i'm taking cod liver supplements?!

Question: I'm taking cod liver supplements?
the brand called jamieson ,it's so popular in my country but how can i make sure this supplement is free from toxics (like mercury .ets) because we don't have agencies for this kind of tests on product's.i can be aware of what kind of fish should i buy because of low levels of mercury ,so is cod liver contain high levels of toxic (carcinogens)?and should i go for supplements because as i think it's better for the environment ?so please correct me if i'm wrong!


Any sort of cod product is not good for the environment. The cod is now on the endangered species list because it is hunted so often. Cod are slow-growing fish that take a few years to breed, and we overfish them to such an incredibly massive degree that we are taking all the fully mature fish out of the oceans and they are not breeding enough to catch up with our decimation of their stocks.

You can get omega oils from non-meaty sources, however if you still want to eat fish choose smaller, fast breeding varieties. I believe the likes of sardines, mackerel, pollock, herring and anchovy are more environmentally friendly although I'm not too up on this as I don't eat fish myself. A quick google search will tell you though.

Edit: Exsft, I wasn't trying to scare anybody. I didn't mention a word about pollutants in cod liver oil I was talking about the environmental aspect. Why take a supplement when you can get it the natural way, through fish that are less threatened, or through vegetable sources if you choose not to eat fish?

Medicinal cod liver oil does not have any contaminants such as mercury that the other posters are trying to scare you with. Contaminants are not allowed in the heavily regulated pharmaceutical industry. What you have to worry about is the reputation of the company that distributes it, if they are really selling PURE cod liver oil. As with any commercial product, some are better than others.

What it does have however, are very high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat. If that concerns you, ask whoever prescribed the oil why you need to take it and second ask if there are alternatives.
Cod lier oil is also a very good source of vitamin A and D.

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There are other things you can eat to get your omega-3 fatty acids (vit. D, and vit. A) rather than cold liver oil.

Remember, livers are the body's filtration unit. Would you eat a water filter? Yuck. What about a fish filter?

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