Do vegetarians drink milk?!

Question: Do vegetarians drink milk?
I know this question is stupid. But I don't really know any vegan around. So I'm just wondering if they drink milk. Of course, everybody knows that dairy products like Milk, Cheese, came from cows and I think vegetarians don't eat anything from animals. Oh well.. Just wonderin'


It's not a stupid question at all. Lacto-vegetarians, pescetarians and lacto-ovo vegetarians drink milk and eat dairy. Vegans and ovo-vegetarians don't (ovo-vegetarians eat eggs but don't drink milk). Vegans have soya milk or rice milk or other plant milks instead (they're not proper milk however).

I love your avatar. I watch Family Guy frequently (sorry if this sounds completely random).

It's not a stupid question! It depends on what kind of vegetarian you are dealing with:

Lacto-Ovo vegetarians: Do not eat meat (including fish). They do eat eggs and milk products
Lacto vegetarians: Do not eat meat (including fish) or eggs. They do eat milk products
Ovo vegetarians: Do not eat meat (including fish) or milk products. They do eat eggs
Vegans: They do not eat meat (including fish), eggs, milk products, or honey.

So, if someone is Laco-ovo vegetarian or Lacto vegetarian, they would drink dairy milk. If they are ovo-vegetarian or vegan, they would not drink dairy milk, but hemp, soy, rice, and almond milk are perfectly fine!

Hope this helped.

Some vegetarians do, some don't. It all depends on the vegetarian. I'm a vegetarian, but I drink milk and eat cheese. I hardly have much of either, but I still consume them. I just don't consume any animal byproducts that caused it to die to get the product (such as meat).

I have yet to try vegetarian cheese, but I tried soy chocolate milk and it's actually pretty good.

To the guy with the name vegetarian: you are referring to the wrong person. Friendofchip didn't say what you said, camarohopper did.

Yes, I'm a vegetarian. Vegetarians won't eat animals, but they have the opportunity to eat/drink animal products or foods with animal products. Vegans are the ones you are referring to. They don't eat anything from animals.

I don't drink milk, but I still eat eggs that come from my own chickens so I'm a vegetarian. Drinking milk is the norm for vegetarians, but some like myself prefer the taste of alternatives such as soy and almond milk.


It depends... Lacto-ovo vegetarians usually drink milk. Vegans do not, there are also lactose-intolerant vegetarians who do not drink milk. I am a vegan, and I drink soy-milk (Silk). I put it in my cereal and smoothies.


Vegetarian and vegan do not mean the same thing. Vegetarians don't eat meat, but most drink milk and eat eggs. Vegans do not eat anything from animals, so they don't drink milk.

Some vegetarians (like me) do drink milk sometimes. Some strict vegetarians don't. But a vegan doesn't at all. Vegetarian and vegan aren't the same thing, just to let you know. :)

Vegetarians can. Vegans don't.

It's very unnatural to drink cow's milk, have you noticed? It's like a puppy drinking humans breast milk. I love soy & almond milk.

Good Luck.


Yes, do drink milk. If they want to, of course. But, they can, remember, vegetarians promise tey won't eat ANIMALS, not ANIMAL PRODUCTS.

a lot of vegetarians do, tho some dont
vegans dont at all

its vegans who dont eat anything from animals
vegetarians can still drink milk, eat eggs, cheese and things like that

Lacto-ovo-vegetarians and lacto-vegetarians drink milk. Ovo-vegetarians and vegans do not.

And there is no such thing as a fish-eating vegetarian.

vegan :D

It depends. Vegans sometimes won't and sometimes they do. Usually vegetarians do drink milk

Most vegetarians drink milk. Vegans are the ones who don't eat milk, cheese, eggs, ect. :)

Vegitarians dont eat meat.

Vegans dont eat anything that comes from an animal


some very strict vegetarians do not. milk is an animal by-product

Vegans don't but some vegetarians do.

Vegetarians eat dairy but vegans dont. Neither eat fish because that is a meat.

No, real vegetarians don't. Dairy does more more harm than good to human health.

Yes of course, soy milk, rice milk,

Not animal milk, no.

Rice, oat, nut, soy, bean, seed milks yes.


vegetarians can as well as eating fish even though fish are animals which is why i hate them because they are hippycrits. vegans do not though eat any animal product including cheese and milk

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