If you would eat a hotdog, would you be mad if you were told that its a tofu dog?!

Question: If you would eat a hotdog, would you be mad if you were told that its a tofu dog?
I wonder if its right to eat meat


I don't see why someone would be mad if you gave them a tofu hot dog. I mean, unless they where allergic to tofu.

I wouldn't eat a "hotdog," whether it's a pig or kosher to begin with.

Neither should you and here's why:


As for a tofu dog... I wouldn't want to mimic the taste of something that is so disgusting and nauseating.

Tofu, eaten moderately is fine, but tempeh is better.

Finicky eater.

I'd know it wasn't a real hot dog as soon as I bit into it. Sort of like I can tell when something is sweetened with Splenda instead of sugar, it just tastes "off".

I don't eat processed foods, whether they're meat or soy-based, so I'd never bite into a hotdog in the first place. Homemade bratwurst maybe, but not a tube of unspecified meat by-product.

I would not eat it until I knew it was. most of the tofu dogs are part meat anyway so probably not eat it anyway. there are some awesome gluten and soy hot dog alternative not taste like meat or at least I do not think so never eat the meat to know but they are wonderful as something interesting that is healthy.

dude i like tofu dogs. they're tasty. why would i hate on something that's better for me, tasty, and better for my environment?

personal experience

if the tofu dog tasted like meat, i would be surprised and probably eat tofu dogs.

But most tofu dogs i've eaten aren't really tasty. The hgiher quality ones are pretty expensive, but good.

I wouldn't be mad...I would actually be happy knowing the fact that I wasn't eating something that came from a pig (or any other animal).

Uh... well since I'm vegan, I would be glad. And I wouldn't eat the hot dog in the first place

IF I ate hot dogs in the first place, I'd be GLAD, not mad. Well this is the V&V section afterall.

Not if it tastes good. But tofu does kinda creep me out and I'd much rather eat meat.

i would b very mad and i wouldn't eat it at all

Actually i'd much rather have the tofu dog. boo to eating meat! ;)


I wouldn't have to be told, I would know after the first bite.

I'd give it a shot. I'm a huge meat eater, but if it tastes good I'll go for it.

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