How can I transition into becoming Vegan?!

Question: How can I transition into becoming Vegan?
I watched the movie VeganGal on Netflix and was surprised at how well you can eat when your a Vegan. I've always loved and be interested in health food and nutrition. When I think about it though the transition seems like it would be very over whelming. I'm also married to a man who loves everything processed. Certain fruits and almost all veggies make him vomit because of the texture. It's difficult to cook and he often persuades me to just eat out.

I want to become healthy for life and I think being a Vegan would satisfy that need. Can you tell me the hardest parts of first becoming a Vegan. What are your favorite foods to eat? Do you take vitamins? Lastly, DO YOU EVER GO OFF YOUR VEGAN DIET?


being a vegan is not just about what you put in your body - it is about not using animals in any way for the benefit of yourself.

- you cant't eat honey because it is made by bees and harvested by humans for humans.
- you can't ride a horse/donkey etc or use a seeing eye dog or hearing dog for the deaf because they are all for the benefit of humans.

being a vegan is much more in-depth than most people realise.

big up to all the vegans out there but i'll just stick to being a veggie thanx lol.

good luck with your new food plan whatever you choose to eat xx

This is what you need to do, start experimenting with vegan food. Learn about TVP it's a soy product that mimics to texture of meat so you could use it to make a Vegan meatloaf and he wouldn't even know. The same with any dish you make from ground beef. Does he like mexican food? That's easy to make vegan. Get vegetables into him by making them into sauces like cooking them down so much that he won't notice them in a spaghetti sauce. The only soy cheese that I tried that I liked was soy mozzarella melted.

Just do it right away.
YOu don't have to do it slowly. WHat's the point?

Processed food is junk food. Eat no more of that stuff- it's way cheaper eating wholefood anyway.

So much nicer to eat, tastier food than junk y processed crap which as you may find out is full of HFCS and sugar, MSG and leaves a really crap taste in your mouth. YOu don't notice it till you've been eating normal food for a while, then start eating chips and cereal bars that are full of rubbish ingredients ( high fructose corn syrup is the worst).

FOrget your husband just for a second, he can play baby later.
Make soups, casseroles, experiment with your favourite cuisine- Indian, Malaysian, Chinese cooking all has a lot of vegetable dishes. CHoose a curry or something most guys like, something hearty , and make that, and go from there.

ANd the health aspects are good, although it's very easy to be unfit as a vegan too.
Fries and oreos...

I am vegetarian. I think vegan would be hard. For one, cheese is awesome! I mean even a vegetarian lasagna has cheese. I don't know what a vegan does. How can you make a lasagna w/o cheese? Or broccoli w/o cheese. Or a pizza without cheese?

And vegans wear no leather at all. And i have a couple leather bomber jackets I am really fond of. Plus my car seat are leather. My laptop bag is leather. My wallet is leather. My shoes are leather. I researched it and I read multiple places that vegan shoes don't last long. I dont have the $$ to be buying new shoes all the time.

I hope you are least a vegetarian. If not, go vegetarian for 6 months or a year first. I would think a meat eater going vegan would be like dividing by zero. Somethings gonna explode!

Sitting here eating quinoa, broccoli, carrots, with hummus dip & almond milk.

You can either go cold turkey or give one thing up at a time. Its up to you, neither is right or wrong its all what's best for you.

The first couple of months is the hardest part of being a vegan...there's a lot of changing and adjusting to do, not to mention packet reading. You also need to learn how to cook if you don't know already, I didn't and it made it a little harder. After the first few months its easy day to day but can be difficult if you eat out or go travelling.

I have never been a meal person so my favourite food are fruits and veggies, if you vary the type and colour you are getting they are full of great nutrients. I am also a big pasta person.

As for supplements, you don't have to but if you don't you do need to be careful. B12 is one thing to be very careful of, it can be found in fortified yeasts like Red Star (make sure the yeast you choose is fortified with B12). The yeast has a cheesy taste and is great as a condiment. Iodine is another one to watch, natural sources include iodized salt (some countries iodize table salt, you can google to see if your country does) and natural seaweeds like nori which are packed with other vitamins. If you go vegan its really important to do it right, so I suggest the book "Living Vegan for DUmmies" its got a ton of nutritional info.

Each of us have our own challenges when going vegan which are quite unique due to our living situation. I suggest you spend a month or so researching online and in books (library if you don't want to buy) before taking the plunge. Its a great way to live and very healthy IF you do the right research!

answers simple. you dont.


You'll definitely need to supplement for B12. Vegans don't eat eggs, dairy or meat and those are the only sources of B12. You can get B12 supplements as pills, shots or by eating manufactured B12 that's been added to processed foods.

You do know that movies are not real life? There's really no Superman or Jason? Being vegan is not a healthy diet. Cutting one entire food group out of your diet is not sensible or healthy. Even vegetarians have problems. There are three times as many former vegetarians in the US as current vegetarians. That should tell you something about the diet.

The link below is a young woman who tried to be vegan for 3.5 years. Her food blog was voted a top ten vegan food blog in 2010. So she knew what she was doing. She got very sick anyway. Good luck....…

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