Can rats eat raw egg yoks ?!

Question: Can rats eat raw egg yoks ?
I herd thats can eat the eeg yok because its high in protean is this a fact and can the eat raw eggs


A neighbor of mine couldn't find any of the eggs his hens were laying. Turns out that rats were stealing them the second they were laid. Rats along with any animal can eat raw egg yolk.


Eggshells are porous and permeable so the chick embryo can get oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide.
When the hen passes the egg there can be some fecal contamination of the shell. Bacteris can enter the egg and survive in the yolk.

Uncooked yolks is the way people get salmonella poisoning from eating eggs.

They will break an egg open and eat the raw egg.

Rats will eat anything.

Sure they can. Humans can eat raw eggs, why couldn't a rat.

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